: Before and after use of the B3F seatpost data measured by power meter

The data below were captured by computrainer presents a comparison between before and after use of B3F seatpost. Briefly speaking, after the experiment, participants expressed that B3F helps to ease knee pain and/or other discomfort.

The computrainer was used to measure power (Watts), speed (KPH), and number of rotations (RPM) between the conventional seatpost and B3F seatpost.

1 Ms.Eun○ Bak:
Lateral(outside) right knee pain.

RESULT: Overall, power, speed and RPM increased. The knee-line was normalized and knee pain was gone.

2 Mr.○ Lee:
Waist(lower-back) pain and perineum pressure.

RESULT: The knee-line was normalized. Lower-back pain and perineum pressure were resolved.

3 Mr.Jun○ Hong:
Waist(lower-back) and left knee pain.

RESULT: The knee-line was normalized. The shoulders became level, relieving lower-back pain and discomfort.

4 Mr.○ Lee:
The right inner-thigh pain, bent hip and unequal leg length.

RESULT: The knee-line was normalized. The shoulders became level, relieving pain and discomfort.

5 Mr.U○ Kim:
lower-back pain and numb feet.

RESULT: The knee-line was normalized. The shoulders became level, relieving back pain and discomfort.

STRAVA Records from Amateurs

VAZALAB thought: How can we prove the benefits (such as increase speed) of B3F? We already have KPH (hourly speed), Watt (pedalling force), and RPM data analysed by computrainer (power meter). But this experiment progress was ended up.

Therefore, We decided to launch a public event.

To recruit a loads of numbers of unspecified amatuer testers on Facebook. Testers have to provide both before and after use of B3F seatpost data of riding of specific segment on road!


We recruited testers from Facebook, Instagram and our homepage.
Since then many Korean amateurs gave us joyfulness, support and fun.

Below is one of the STRAVA segment records of testers.


This case shows a best shortening record of Korea's Buraksan Arirang Uphill (distance 5.36km, altitude 239m, average slope 4%, level 3 uphill) which massively shortended 3 minutes from 24:02 to 21:02.

12.5% ​​improvement

In addition to improving your records, B3F will help you to break your PR in a snap as well.


Testers used B3F and had an average improvement of over 10%


Are you still suspicious of B3F? VAZALAB welcomes skeptics.
Now by reading this page, also you can participate in the B3F test.
We will show you the result. It is a matter of what we care about: Nothing is better than purchasing something you really need after experience it.




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